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Savez-vous que plus de 80% des recherches sur mobiles se terminent par un achat ? Comment?

Découvrez cette infographie qui fait le point sur les habitudes de recherches internautes

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17-Year-Old Creates a 3D-Printed Robotic Prosthetic Arm for $250

Combining a Nintendo Power Glove with 3D-printed parts, 17-year-old Easton LaChappelle has designed an incredible robotic prosthetic arm. Made from LEGO bricks, fishing wire, and surgical tubing, LaChapelle’s robotic arm earned him 3rd place in the Colorado Science Fair of 2011 – which inspired him to go even further with the 3D-printed design.

At the Science Fair, LaChapelle encountered an entrant who wore an $80,000 prosthetic arm that would need replacing as she grew. Inspired and intrigued, he decided to take his homemade robotic arm, which could only grip a soda can, to the next level. His new goal was to create a high-tech prosthetic arm that was not only highly functional, but also affordable.

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Cortana Virtual Assistant Coming with Windows Phone 8.1

Like Siri to the iPhone and Google Now to Android, Microsoft is now introducing it’s own little personal pocket assistant, Cortana.  If you’re familiar with Halo, then the name Cortana should of course ring a bell; if not, well get ready to say hello to your new handheld sidekick.

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« Non mais à l’eau quoi ! » Noé


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Prenez une bonne respiration et cliquez !

Annonceur : Paramount – Noé
Format : Billboard + Screening Room ouverture post clic.

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Comment les médias sociaux impactent les moteurs de recherche via How Social Media Impacts Search Engine Rankings

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Living Tissue Emerges From 3-D Printer

Harvard bioengineers say they have taken a big step toward using 3-D printers to make living tissue. They’ve made a machine with multiple printer heads that each extrudes a different biological building block to make complex tissue and blood vessels.

Their work represents a significant advance toward producing living medical models upon which drugs could be tested for safety and effectiveness.

It also advances the ball in the direction of an even bigger goal. Such a machine and the techniques being refined by researchers offer a glimpse of the early steps in a sci-fi healthcare scenario: One day surgeons might feed detailed CT scans of human body parts into a 3-D printer, manipulate them with design software, and produce healthy replacements for diseased or injured tissues or organs.

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Vespa Segway

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When it comes to name recognition, he’s no Stephen Elop (former CEO of Nokia), Alan Mulally (CEO of Ford) or even Julie Larson-Green (Executive Vice President at Microsoft). The alleged CEO-designate of Microsoft, however, is a familiar face in the hallowed halls of Redmond. For those of us not familiar with the innards of Microsoft, though, who is Satya Nadella? Late last year, word got out that Nadella’s name was on the software giant’s short list of potential replacements for current CEO Steve Ballmer, who announced his resignation back in August.